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Marine Centre

We have trot moorings with pontoon access for dinghies. Craft will float for approx 5 hours on most tides. We now have mooring sites available from £230 per annum. Dinghies can also be based at a pontoon by our yard in an extended access area for use to attend craft on our moorings or the river Axe.

Pontoon moorings also available on Tidal river and our Marine Lake for long or short term use. Can be used for week ending or longer periods of stay, all facilities available, toilets, showers, washrooms and cafe on site. Suitable craft are occasionally available for sale that can be adapted for the above purpose.

Tidal access to the Bristol Channel by the River Axe and the Brean Down peninsula to  all local ports, Cardiff, Barry, Swansea, Porlock Weir, Watermouth and Ifracombe. Low tide walks start here to Weston beach, 5 minutes walk, or Brean Down with Fort, the local hill with historic Church or the Mendip Hills through the adjacent Nature Reserve.

Boatyard Price List

Storage, pontoon, mooring, slipping, accommodation and ancillary charges:


  • All charges based on payment strictly in advance.
  • No craft permitted to stay on pontoons or in outer yard more than 3 days without payment.
  • Craft in other yards, or on blocks, overdue accounts will be subject to a 5% monthly surcharge.
  • Daily rates (pontoon rates) will apply to overdue accounts and after 30 days will be subject to Notice of Sale.
  • All craft requiring major repair/refits must be located in our enclosed yard and all surplus materials removed from our site by the owner of the craft.
  • All major repair materials disposed of by Uphill Wharf CMC at £8 per bag, min charge £12, plus hourly charge of £24 per hour, min 1 hour.
  • All dogs must be kept on a lead.


CCTV now on site, constantly recording. We have had 8 cameras installed around the Marina to make sure you craft is as safe as it could possibly be.

Red Diesel

21/03/2020 we have been approved as a Registered Dealer in Controlled Oil under sections 100G(2) and 100(1)(a) of the Customer and Excise Management Act 1979 and The Hydrocarbon Oil (registered Dealers in Controlled Oil) Regulations 2002.

Pontoon mooring charges

*Access maximum 3 hours on most tides.






Up to 30ft

£1045 (£1,100)

£294 (£325)

£147 (£160)

£53 (£60)

£13 (£15)


£1,203 (£1,299)

£342 (£392)

£157 (£175)

£63 (£75)

£16 (£18)


Please call for availability

*Catamaran rate of above plus 50%

  • Please note that the visitors mooring, next to the slipway, are at the bracketed daily and weekly rates.
  • The price in brackets is for pontoons with power and water available.
  • The above charges now include use of our emergency mooring against our pontoon at the mouth of Uphill Pill for short periods not exceeding 3 days.
  • A tidal pole is now placed by the pontoon showing the height of water in metres on our slip pontoon mooring.
  • Additional navigation buoys also mark the river banks.
  • No craft is to be left alongside the pontoons without notifying the office.
  • Craft left longer than 24 hours without prior arrangement will be relocated at our discretion and our standard charges will be applied.

Boatyard storage charges

*All storage is charged in 12 week blocks. We can offer 6 week blocks thereafter if required.

Outer yard, access at all times

£1.10 per ft per week or part week

Enclosed yard, access by pedestrian gate only

£1.35 per ft per week or part week

*Based on overall length including mast or trailer overhang

Short term rates

Car/boat parking (Up to 20 ft)

£10 per 24 hours or £55 per week

Car/boat parking (Over to 20 ft)

£12 per 24 hours or £60 per week


£12 per day

Cradle hire
(Please note, craft owners can use their own cradle but must have a certificate of conformity or be plate marked to show weight limits etc that are suitable for your craft)

£15 per week


Max 8ft short term £12 per week


£10 per week

Licence holders or owners of craft moored on the River Axe (Weston Bay Yacht Club) but not contracted to Uphill Wharf CMC who wish to use the yard facilities; walkway, dinghy park (max 7ft and must be clearly marked with ID no from our office), car parking, showers, toilets etc.

Monthly £30
6 Months £95
Annually £160

Moving Craft

*Craft left longer than 24 hours without prior arrangement will be relocated at our discretion and our standard charges will be applied.

Moving small craft yard to yard with tractor on owners trailer

£27 per hour

Moving craft if 2 men are required

£43.50 per hour

Uphill Pill site mooring charges

*Mooring sites for craft up to 30ft available with use of adjacent floating access walkway and dinghy park, car parking, toilet, showers etc, and/or access from special first of flood yard pontoons if required.

New mooring

£545 installation charge by professional installer

Lease charges

£230 per annum VAT zero rated

Slip charges

*Minimum charge £124, up to 1 hour manpower/tractor-trailer usage

Slip haul out and relaunch prices are for craft stored in any yard for a minimum of 12 weeks, all other craft please add 10%

Craft up to 30ft, 5 tons blocking up - Bilge/Fin

Hauling out into yard and unloading onto sleeper blocks (max 4)/cradle(fin)

£5.10/£6.30(fin) per ft hull length

Blocking up from customer trailer / removing blocks

£2.57 per ft hull length

Reloading to hoist and launching onto slipway

£5.10/£6.30(fin) per ft hull length

If held in slings by arrangement

Additional £20 per day if available

Hoist and 2 men (min 1 hour)

£115 per hour

Hoist and 3 men (min 1 hour)

£138 per hour

Out of normal business hours surcharge (minimum)

Additional £60

Slipway no assistance, craft owners use

Up to 15ft



Up to 20ft



Up to 25ft



If boat stored in yard min 12 weeks, charge is less 25% (brackets)

If assistance required, tractor with 1 man

£44.50 plus slip charge

Hauling out, or loading from yard to road transport, trailers and cradles
Maximum 30ft

Unloading from transport or trailer and launching or unloading into yard

£6.30 per ft

Please note, if loading height is over 2ft, charge increases. (This is classed as a double lift)

£9 per ft

Unloading from transport to cradle inc turnaround also loading to transport

£10.30 per ft

Hauling out and relaunching without unloading

£6.95 per ft
+ £20 per day whilst held in slings

Hoist and 2 men

£115 per hour

Lowering and raising masts

2 men if mast prepared (min 1 hour)

£92 per hour

All masts will be raised and secured, owners to adjust rigging and lock up

3 men as required for reefing forestay


Engine lift

1 man (min charge 1 hour)

£70 per hour

2 men

£105 per hour

Pressure washing

Underwater hull when completed on haul out

£2.35 per ft

Underwater hull when completed later than haul out

£2.85 per ft

Underwater hull and topsides only

£4.45 per ft

Min charge


General pressure washing

£35.50 per hour

Securing onto Acrow Props, assisting with craning etc

£34.50 per hour (1 man)

Securing onto Acrow Props, assisting with craning etc

£60 per hour (2 man)

Use of lake and facilities



Wind surfing / Canoes / Kayaks

Owners equipment per 2 hours per craft


*Includes slip entry, car parking, toilets and showers. 1 vehicle only, max 4 persons

Car Parking

Additional cars


Model boats

by arrangement per 4 hour session includes side gate access


Activity groups

Adults: max 10 persons for 3 hours


Juniors: under 16's max 10 persons 2 hours


Juniors: under 16's max 10 persons 6 hours


Camping weekends

Max 10 juniors under 16

Friday-Sunday inc lake use (non motorised craft)


Camping juniors overnight


Professional filming

Please call or email for further details

Boating Lake

Our lake provides a safe and sheltered body of water that is extensively used by sail training groups for small craft instruction and corporation activity use.

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