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Please be aware that during 1st - 20th Jan 2022 the office will be CLOSED. Voicemails and emails will only be checked periodically during this time.

Please click to find the 2021 tide times

CCTV is now on site, constantly recording. We have had 8 cameras installed around the Marina to make sure your craft is as safe as it could possibly be.
We have trot moorings with pontoon access for dinghies. Craft will float for approximately 3 hours on most tides, longer on higher tides. We now have river mooring sites available from £230 per annum, more coming soon!
Pontoon moorings also available on our tidal river and our Marine Lake for short term overnight use, we unfortunately do not have residential status.
All facilities available, toilets, showers, washrooms, fresh tea/coffee machine on site.
Craft are occasionally offered for sale.
Tidal access to the Bristol Channel by the River Axe and the Brean Down peninsula to  all local ports, Cardiff, Barry, Swansea, Porlock Weir, Watermouth and Ilfracombe.
Low tide walks start here to Weston beach, 5 minutes walk, or Brean Down with Fort, the local hill with historic Church or the Mendip Hills through the adjacent Nature Reserve.

*** ARRIVED JUNE 2021!! ***


We are extremely excited to let you all know that we have received delivery of a BRAND SPANKING NEW Roodberg 15 tonne hydraulic trailer hoist June 2021!
This has been a massive decision as we are sure you can appreciate, especially with being closed for 8 months due to the pandemic, but we feel that Uphill Wharf Marina and Boatyard needs to move forward and invest in the best and be able to accommodate larger craft than currently.
It is suitable for all types of hull, as we have also upgraded the bilge keel beam support to make sure these are accommodated safely and securely, upgraded the pad supports from 2 to 4, gone for the hydraulic extending draw bar arm, longer support arms to accommodate deeper draft and opted for extra width on the overall trailer frame to accommodate wider beamed boats and trailer lifting.
We have increased our boat movement hauling in and out on our slipway, and throughout the yard from 6 tonne capacity to 15 tonne, with a comfortable craft length of 13m; LOA above 13m can be accommodated subject to craft type, please contact us for more information.
We believe that both the Marina and Boatyard at Uphill Wharf is a special place to store your craft, and this along with the CCTV and electric gate installation was only the start of our huge investment in the Marina to make it what we believe it should be going forward.


Red Diesel
We have been approved as a Registered Dealer in Controlled Oil under sections 100G(2) and 100(1)(a) of the Customer and Excise Management Act 1979 and The Hydrocarbon Oil (registered Dealers in Controlled Oil) Regulations 2002.
Current price for red diesel for non propulsion £0.75

Pontoon mooring charges - maximum LOA 12.5m

PLEASE NOTE pontoons are for short term overnight use and storage only, we do not have residential berths available.
All rates below include VAT where applicable.
Access maximum 3 hours.

** 10% discount for your first year (annual rate only) **

(includes 8 weeks dry dock storage where available - subject to slip charge)

6 monthly


Up to 6.5m

£1200 (£1,300)

£690 (£748)

£360 (£390)

Additional price per metre over 6.5m

£185 (£200)

£110 (£117)

£60 (£64)

Tender up to 3m




*Catamaran rate of above plus 50%

Short term stays



Up to 6.5m



Additional price per metre over 6.5m



Tender up to 3m



*Catamaran rate of above plus 50%

  • The price in brackets is for pontoons with power and water available (water included, electric at metered charge.)
  • A tidal pole is now placed by the slip showing the height of the water in metres.
  • Additional navigation buoys also mark the river banks.
  • No craft is to be left alongside the pontoons without notifying the office please.
  • Craft left without prior arrangement will be relocated at our discretion and our standard charges will be applied.

Dry dock storage charges - priced per nearest 50cm above LOA

Dry dock is for storage only, overnight stays are not permitted - pontoons only.
All storage is charged in 12 week blocks long term
Minimum storage 4 weeks
Prices below for the first 24 weeks of storage - Long term storage over 24 weeks, additional £0.75 per metre per week

Outer yard, access 8am-7pm
Electric gate vehicle access

£4.50 per metre per week

Enclosed yard, access 8am-7pm
by pedestrian gate only

£5.50 per metre per week

*Based on overall length including mast or trailer overhang

Short term dry dock rates

Boat up to 6.5m

£13 per 24 hours or £60 per week

Boat 6.5-8m

£15 per 24 hours or £65 per week

Unladen boat trailer up to 6.5m

£12 per week

Cradle hire
(Please note, craft owners can use their own cradle but must have a certificate of conformity or be plate marked to show weight limits etc that are suitable for your craft)

Prop stands (power/fishing boats etc)

£15 per week

£1.75 each per week

Mast storage

£6 per week


Max 2.5m short term £20 per week

Moving Craft

*Craft left without prior arrangement will be relocated at our discretion and our standard charges will be applied.

Moving small craft yard to yard with tractor on owners trailer
1 man

£35 per half hour

2 men

£60 per half hour

Uphill Pill site mooring charges

Mooring sites for craft up to 13m available with use of adjacent floating access walkway and dinghy park, car parking, toilet, showers etc.

New mooring

£545 installation charge by professional installer

Lease charges

£230 per annum VAT zero rated

Slip charges - includes 1 day pre haul out/post launch for craft on visitors pontoon where available

Priced per nearest 50cm above LOA

Slip haul out and relaunch prices are for craft stored in any yard for a minimum of 12 weeks, all other craft please add 10%

Craft up to 13m, 15 tonnes - Bilge/Fin/Fishing/Power boats
Over 13m POA

Launching on to slip from yard with tractor and hoist (1 hour use)

£21 per metre
(min charge £126.00)

Hauling out from slip into yard with tractor and hoist, and unloading onto blocks (bilge), props or cradle (fin)
(1 hour use)

£21 per metre
(min charge £126.00)

Hauling out and relaunching without unloading into boat yard

£21 per metre x 2
+ £40 per 3 hours whilst held in slings where available

Move from/onto pontoon (no engine use)


If held in slings by arrangement

Additional £60 per 12 hours if available

Hoist use and 2 men (min 1 hour)

£126 per hour min charge

Hoist use and 3 men (min 1 hour)

£165 per hour min charge

After 6pm/before 8am slip use/rescue surcharge (minimum charge)


Slipway no assistance, craft owners use / drying out

Up to 4.5m



Up to 6m



Up to 7.5m



If boat is stored in yard/pontoon for a min 12 weeks/3 months, charge is less 20% (brackets)

If assistance required, tractor with 1 man

£35 per half hour plus slip charge

Drying out on slipway x 1 tide including further 1 x tide on pontoon (where available)
Up to 9m


Loading to/from yard to/from road transport, trailers and cradles
Maximum 13m

Unloading from transport or trailer and launching or unloading into yard /
Loading to transport or trailer from yard or haul out

£27 per metre
(min charge £162)

Unloading from transport and launching or unloading into yard with turnaround
Loading to transport or trailer from yard or haul out with turnaround

£35 per metre
(min charge £210)

Propping up from customer trailer / removing props onto trailer without tractor and hoist

£9.00 per metre hull length

Hoist and 2 men

£21 per metre
(min charge £126.00)

Assisting with craning

£38.75 per hour 1 man
£65 per hour 2 man
(min charge 1 hour)

Lowering and raising masts

2 men if mast prepared

£95 per hour (min charge 1 hour)

All masts will be raised and secured, owners to adjust rigging and lock up

3 men as required

£122 per hour (min charge 1 hour)

Engine lift

1 man

£70 per hour (min charge 1 hour)

2 men

£105 per hour (min charge 1 hour)

Pressure washing

Underwater hull when completed on haul out

£7.75 per metre

Underwater hull when completed later than haul out

£9.50 per metre

Underwater hull and topsides only

£14.75 per metre

Min charge


General pressure washing

£38.75 per hour





Use of marine lake and facilities (hours of use between 10am-4pm)

Please contact us at least 24 hours before to book in.

Wind surfing / Canoes / Kayaks / Paddleboards

Owners equipment per 2 hours per craft


Includes slip entry, car parking, and toilets.
1 vehicle only, max 2 persons

Model boats - non motorised

by arrangement per 3 hours
Includes slip entry, car parking, and toilets.
1 vehicle only, max 2 persons



Additional cars


Activity groups

Adults: max 10 persons for 3 hours


Juniors: under 16's max 10 persons 2 hours


Juniors: under 16's max 10 persons 6 hours





Camping weekends - June, July and August only

Max 10 juniors under 16 (with at least 2 additional adult guardians) - sole use of overflow field

Friday/Saturday night inc lake use (non motorised craft)


Camping juniors overnight


Professional filming

Please call or email for further details

Marine Lake

Our lake provides a safe and sheltered body of water that is extensively used by sail training groups for small craft instruction and corporation activity use.

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We're Dog Friendly

No holiday is complete without our furry friends. You'll be glad to know the Uphill Wharf Campsite is dog friendly.

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Food & Drink

We have two lovely local Inns just a short stroll away. The Dolphin Inn and The Ship Inn are located on Uphill Way within 200m of our site.

La Cucina Italian has also reopened, right next to The Dolphin Inn

Just Eat and Uber Eats also deliver to site.

We have a new self serve fresh tea and coffee machine by Reception too!

Ice lollies and ice creams are also available on site.

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